RALEIGH, NC — January 4, 2011 — Many businesses are looking for ways to increase their profits and improve operational efficiency in 2011. Automating time and attendance tracking can benefit your company in several key ways.

For example, the Santa Rosa City School District daycare has saved countless hours of administrative time, increased reporting accuracy and streamlined their business processes by using an Acroprint automated system to track student time and attendance. Before implementing this system three years ago, the supervisor had to review and hand-total 400 student time cards each week. Manually tracking time for so many students was time-consuming, error-prone and inefficient.

By automating the time tracking process using an Acroprint time and attendance system, District Child Care Supervisor Mary Pappas reports, “I save 10 hours of time each week. We are generating about $1,000 more a month because the data is readily available and accurate after we implemented the system. When we were audited, we were able to show all the time records, how many hours were generated, the rate per hour that the parent was being charged and the billing record.”

The software quickly and easily produces a variety of reports. For instance, the daycare runs a weekly report to see if any families have exceeded their assigned hours. This will result in extra charges. If the daycare notices a trend, they can recommend alternative payment options that may better meet the clients’ needs.

In addition, the supervisor can quickly generate a Who’s In/Who’s Out report. Even while working in a different location the supervisor can confirm if a student is in attendance.

The successes experienced by the Santa Rosa City School District daycare are duplicated every day at companies worldwide.

Many businesses report a reduction of up to 90% in “time theft” when they start using a time tracking system that automatically records employees’ arrival and departure times instead of relying on handwritten records. An automated system allows you to prepare your payroll data quickly, reduces your risk of wage and hour violations and helps you avoid employee time disputes.

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