RALEIGH, NC — January 7, 2005 — Employees of Acroprint Time Recorder Company in Raleigh, NC, are taking steps to insure they keep their New Year’s resolution to get in better shape in 2005. Three million steps, to be exact.

For the second year in a row, the company has issued a fitness challenge to its employees, and this year 65 percent of the workforce — a total of 55 employees — have accepted the "Three Million Step Challenge."

Participating employees will be attempting to log at least three million steps each on company-supplied pedometers over the course of 2005. Those who succeed will earn a 15 percent reduction in their health insurance premiums for 2006.

Employees who exceed the goal and log a minimum of four million steps each during 2005 will receive a bonus day off with pay as well as the 15 percent insurance premium reduction.

There are also quarterly incentive prizes to help maintain motivation during the year.

Acroprint began the fitness challenge program last year, with a "Million Step Challenge." Participating employees were challenged to walk 10,000 steps per day over the course of 100 days, for a total of one million steps each. Each employee was supplied by Acroprint with a pedometer and steps were reported on a weekly basis.

Of the original 79 participants in the 2004 Million Step Challenge, 23 met the 100-day challenge and were awarded a paid day off and a 15 percent reduction in their health insurance premiums for 2005. An additional 21 employees walked one million steps within 150 days and were awarded a 15 percent reduction in their health insurance premiums for 2005.

The 79 employees participating in the 2004 Million Step Challenge turned in a grand total of 78,812,833 steps, which represents approximately 39,405 miles walked.

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