RALEIGH, NC — October 5, 2009 — Acroprint proudly announces enhancements to the timeQplus™ (Version 3) biometric and proximity terminal series, now with more flexible solutions for remote terminal data management. These improved terminals now offer the administrator more versatility in the transfer and collection of data with standard built-in support for USB flash drives, also known as “thumb drives.”

For instance, administrators can now use a USB flash drive for quick and easy transfer of time and attendance data from remote locations where a connection to the host computer and/or network is not available. Simply download the employee punches to the USB drive and upload from the USB drive to the host computer. No wires or cables are needed. The terminals can function as “stand-alone” units and data is transferred smoothly, reducing communication errors.

In multiple terminal configurations, set up is easier than ever. Using the timeQplus time and attendance software, the administrator can copy user data including name, PIN, badge number and fingerprint templates from one terminal to another. Simply download the information from one terminal to the USB drive, then upload from the USB drive to additional terminals. This method eliminates the possibility of keying an incorrect PIN for an employee and improves efficiency when setting up a large number of employees.

Dave Rhiver, VP of Sales & Marketing at Acroprint stated, “Acroprint is always trying to find innovative ways to help the customer streamline their processes. We are in the business of saving people time and money. This solution offers an easier way to collect data from remote locations and is very affordable.”

USB flash drives are removable and rewritable memory data storage devices. These portable drives are affordable, compact and come with storage capacities up to 256 GB.

About timeQplus Version 3

The timeQplus biometric terminal virtually eliminates costly “buddy punching” because employees clock in and out with a simple finger-scan, finger-scan and PIN or a PIN and password. Another terminal option is the timeQplus proximity terminal, where employees clock in/out with the wave of a badge or with a PIN and password combination. Both types of terminals connect to your PC or network via USB, serial (RS232) or Ethernet. Each terminal’s built-in memory stores up to 50,000 transactions.

Acroprint time and attendance systems automatically calculate employee hours worked and export to most popular payroll systems like QuickBooks®, ADP®, Paychex® and Peachtree®. The timeQplus software is supported on the following operating systems: Windows® XP Pro, Windows Server™ 2003 Standard & Enterprise Editions, Windows Server 2008 (32 bit / 64 bit) Standard & Enterprise Editions, Windows Vista® (32 bit / 64 bit) Business, Enterprise & Ultimate Editions and Windows™ 7 (32 bit / 64 bit) Pro, Enterprise & Ultimate Editions.

More information is available at https://www.acroprintstore.com/info-tqp3.html.

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