HandPunch Biometric Terminal

Accurate and reliable biometric hand-geometry recognition terminals. Ideal for use with Pendulum or timeQplus time and attendance systems.


Eliminate the need for badges and time cards! Highly accurate HandPunch® terminals bring the convenience and security of biometric technology to time and attendance tracking. Now featuring BioCote® anti-microbial technology on the HandPunch platen!

HandPunch terminals at a glance

  • Accountable — Reliable biometric technology eliminates costly buddy-punching. Employees must be present to clock in!
  • Efficient — With no more paper time cards, clerical errors in payroll preparation are reduced or eliminated.
  • Economical — There’s no more need to continually purchase or maintain stocks of badges, time cards, ribbons or other supplies.

Field-proven technology

HandPunch technology uses field-proven hand-geometry biometrics — recognition based on the size and shape of the hand. The system does not capture fingerprints or palm prints.

Hand-geometry is highly accurate, and is generally not affected by rings, small adhesive bandages, false fingernails and the like. Green and red lights notify the employee of the status of each punch.

Now, HandPunch terminals are even better, with BioCote® anti-microbial technology inhibiting the growth of germs or bacteria on the platen between cleanings.

Eliminates common problems

Biometric units such as the HandPunch terminals can eliminate two common problems:

  • Lost or stolen timecards or badges.
  • “Buddy-punching,” where one employee clocks in on behalf of another.

Employees clock in and out simply and quickly by entering their ID number and placing their hand on the HandPunch unit. The typical verification time is only one to two seconds.

Terminal options to meet your needs

We offer seven versions of the HandPunch terminals:

  • HandPunch 1000: 50-employee capacity (expandable to 512), 50-foot RS232 cable. Communications: RS232, modem (optional).
  • HandPunch 1000-E: 100-employee capacity. Communications: Ethernet.
  • HandPunch 2000: 512-employee capacity, 50-foot RS232 cable. Communications: RS232, modem (optional).
  • HandPunch 3000: 512-employee capacity (expandable). Communications: RS232/422, modem (optional), Ethernet (optional).
  • HandPunch 3000-E: 512-employee capacity (expandable). Communications: Ethernet.
  • HandPunch 4000: 530-employee capacity (expandable), barcode badge reader. Communications: RS232/422, modem (optional), Ethernet (optional).
  • HandPunch 4000-S: Same as HP 4000 with the addition of an integrated hand-held barcode scanner.

The HandPunch 1000 and HandPunch 2000 are designed for single-unit installations, while the HandPunch 3000 and HandPunch 4000 can be used in multiple-unit configurations. All HandPunch terminals carry a one year warranty. All units include a 120V AC to 13.5V DC power supply and an installation and operation manual.

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These high-tech HandPunch units integrate seamlessly with Acroprint’s Pendulum system and can be used with timeQplus time and attendance systems. Contact Acroprint place an order or to locate a qualified dealer near you.

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HandPunch® is a registered trademark of Schlage Recognition Systems.