Model BP125-6NR4

Model BP125-6NR4


Battery Powered
Sturdy Spring Print Mechanism
Lifetime Typewheel Guarantee
+1000 Registrations a Day
2 Year Warranty

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Model 125 Print Method

The Model 125 manual-print time recorder accepts standard time cards. A push bar located on top of clock activates a sturdy spring print mechanism for instant registrations.

Model BP125

Model BP125 is our Model 125 powered by four standard alkaline “D” cell batteries.  Batteries are not included.  BP125 is completely portable and is ideal where AC power is not available.  Clock can be easily moved from location to location.

Model 150 Print Method

The Model 150 is an automatic-print time recorder that accepts standard time cards. The sturdy print mechanism is activated simply by inserting a time card, which allows for convenient one-hand operation.