Acroprint ProPunch® Software

Acroprint ProPunch® Software


Acroprint ProPunch® is a versatile software package that installs on a PC in your network and allows punching and management of your employees’ time and attendance. Available via a web browser, it can be configured to allow access from any device connected to the Internet, eliminating the need to install additional client software. ProPunch software is also integrated and can be used in combination with physical time clocks offering biometric identification, badge, and/or password verification.

ProPunch is offered in two configurations: software only, or a bundle that includes software and FPC18 Time Clock. Both options support 50 employees out of the box and one-year software license. Upgrades are available and allow you to expand the employee capacity and add time clocks based on your needs.

ProPunch annual license includes free software support and unlimited time clock replacements.

Please contact the factory at or phone: (919) 872-5800 to purchase an upgrade or extend a license term.

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Acroprint ProPunch® Software

An investment in your business that will save you money right now and in the future.


Quick Do-it-Yourself Installation
Saves Time & Money on Payroll Preparation
Multi-Level User Permissions
Assists with Affordable Care Act Reporting
Software Can Be Accessed Anytime, Anywhere
Biometric Time Clock Option

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ProPunch Software