timeQplus FaceVerify Bundle

timeQplus FaceVerify Bundle


timeQplus is available in several affordable standard bundles, or you can customize with the exact terminal configuration you need. Upgrade employee capacity and add expansion terminals at any time to perfectly suit your business needs. You can even mix-and-match different types of data collection on the same system! Note: Terminals require timeQplus Network software.

timeQplus FaceVerify Bundle allows employees to clock in and out using facial recognition, a proximity badge, a PIN (or any combination of these) or via PC-punch. Using facial recognition, employees simply look at the terminal to clock in and out – hands-free biometric verification!

This complete solution includes: timeQplus Network software for 100 employees (expandable up to 250 employees) and one TQ600F facial recognition biometric terminal kit.

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Eliminates Buddy Punching
Multiple Terminal Options
Quick Do-it-Yourself Installation
Saves Time & Money on Payroll Preparation
Multi-Level User Permissions
Software Assists with Affordable Care Act Reporting

timeQplus Product Suite

An investment in your business that will save you money right now and in the future.

Add On Terminals

Use any combination of these terminals to meet your needs.
Most terminals* are covered by Acroprint’s industry-leading two-year limited hardware warranty.

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