Extended Service Plan Benefits

Priority Status

Repairs generally performed within two business days after we receive the product.

Peace of Mind

One full year of additional coverage beyond the basic warranty period, including parts and labor
(excluding ribbons and accessories).


  • Model 125 Time Recorder
  • Model 150 Time Recorder
  • ATR120r Clock
  • ATR240 Clock
  • ES700 Clock/Stamp
  • ES900 Multi-Function Time Recorder
  • Model BP125 Battery-Powered Clock
  • E-Series Time Stamps (ET, ETC, ED, EN, END, EDN, E)
  • ATR360 Biometric Time Clock
  • ES1000 Totalizing Payroll Recorder
  • TQ600 terminals
    (TQ600B, TQ600BC, TQ600HID, TQ600F, TQ600M, TQ600P)

Additional terms and conditions apply. Contact us today for details and to purchase your support contract.

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