Acroprint’s signature green time clocks show up in the darndest places! We have a lot of fun around here trying to spot our time recorders — we’ve found them in print, online and on TV / movies. Here are just a few samples:

E*trade Super Bowl Commercial

Model 150 in E*trade Super Bowl commercial
Imagine our excitement when we saw one of our Model 150s in a prominent cameo appearance at the 13-second mark in the E*trade “This is Getting Old” commercial during the Super Bowl! Watch the entire commercial here.
Spotted by Just About Everyone in the Company, Feb. 2018

Rizzoli and Isles

Episode of Rizzoli and Isles
In the “Post Mortem” episode (season 7, episode 4), Rizzoli and Isles are investigating a murder related to contraband packages. In the post office, there's one of our Model 150 clocks, which it appears the postal workers use to clock in and out.
Spotted by Diane Aull, December 2016

Dodge Ram commercial

Model 125 in Dodge Ram commercial
Dodge Ram trucks have a reputation for toughness, so I guess it's only natural they'd feature our rugged Model 125 in one of their commercials! You can watch the entire commercial here.
Spotted by Glenn Robbins, November 2015

Halt and Catch Fire (TV Series)

Model 150 in Halt and Catch Fire
Kathy reports this clock appeared in Season Two, Episode Three, in case you want to look it up for yourself next time you're binge-watching.
Spotted by Kathy Goedeke, June 2015

Alaska State Troopers (TV Series)

Model 150 in Alaska State Troopers TV series
While watching this NatGeo series, Mike noticed a Model 150 hanging on an office wall — plus they're using one of our green time card racks, too!
Spotted by Mike Valchar, Jan. 2015

Esurance Commercial

Acroprint Model 125 time recorder in Esurance commercial
Esurance uses our Model 125 to illustrate the concept of “saving time,” which they wisely note also “saves money.” But we already knew that! Watch the entire commercial here.
Spotted by Diane Aull, December 2014

Ground Floor (TV Series)

Model 150 in Ground Floor TV show
If you look closely off to the right, you'll see one of our Model 150 clocks lurking in the background.
Spotted by Phil Wong, December 2014

Please Touch Museum (Philadelpha, PA)

Young boy playing with Acroprint Model 125 clock
This adorable fellow certainly knows his way around a Model 125. Looks as though he's ready to start work!
Photo by Kathy McCartin Jahelka of Vic's Time, September 2014

Breaking Bad (TV Show)

Acroprint Model 125
From Season 3, episode 10, entitled “Fly,” for all you online binge-watchers out there.
Spotted by Jessica Lancaster, June 2014 & Kathy Goedecke, September 2014

Baldo (Comic Strip)

Panel from Baldo comic strip
It is said you haven't really arrived until you've made the comics. Looks as though Acroprint has finally arrived! See the entire comic here.
Spotted by Chuck Rice, July 2014

Men's Health Magazine

Acroprint clock being smashed with a hammer
Obviously, we don't condone this sort of violence against an innocent time clock. (From the April 2014 issue.)
Spooted by Chris Corday of Ace Depot, March 2014

Yahoo Finance

Screenshot from Yahoo Finance showing green clock
Well, the clock face has been edited a bit, but it's still definitely a Model 125! See the entire article here.
Spotted by Mike Valchar, January 2013

The Dark Knight Rises (Movie)

Model 150 in Batman movie
Spotting this appearance took a really good eye. The clock is only on screen for a second or two, way off in the corner. Kudos to Roberto for superior green-spotting skills!
Spotted by Roberto Palomo, Siasa, December 2012

American Petroleum Commercial

Acroprint clock being smashed with a hammer
Our iconic Model 150, illustrating the concept of American workers. (And demonstrating the famous one-hand operation!)
Spooted by Diane Aull, November 2012

Pawn Stars (TV Show)

Acroprint timeQplus Biometric
OK, so technically this isn't one of our green clocks, but it's still pretty cool! It's one of our timeQplus Biometric systems, which featured prominently in an episode of Pawn Stars on The History Channel. Click here to view the entire episode and hear the pawn shop owners talk about the benefits of the system for them.
Spotted by Diane Aull, November 2012

White Collar (TV Show)

Acroprint Model 125, White Collar TV show
A nice shot of our Model 125 in action, from the TV show, White Collar.
Spotted by Glenn Robbins, October 2012

TED Talk by Gabriel Barcia-Colombo

Acroprint Model 150, used in a digital art project
Digital artist Gabriel Barcia-Colombo used one of our Model 150 clocks in a recent art project, which he spoke about in a TED Talk.
Spotted by Glenn Robbins, August 2012

Shift Beer Advertisements

Acroprint Model 150, A Gifted Man TV show
The ad on the left was spotted on Pandora. The one on the right is from the Shift Beer website. Can you spot the Model 150 in each?
Spotted by Michael Valchar, April 2012

A Gifted Man (TV Show)

Acroprint Model 150, A Gifted Man TV show
Notice the Model 150 lurking in the background of this busy clinic.
Spotted by Glenn Robbins, April 2012

New York Lottery Commercial

Acroprint Model 150, New  York Lottery commercial
Our Model 150 was a big star in this humorous NY Lottery commercial, which featured people “clocking in” to ordinary life activities.
Spotted by Glenn Robbins, March 2012

Shark Tale (Movie)

Acroprint Model 150, Shark Tale movie
Oscar (late for work, again!) floating in front of what looks to be an Acroprint Model 150 at the Whale Wash.
Spotted by Amanda Robbins, March 2011

Maid in Manhattan (Movie)

Acroprint Model 150, Maid in Manhattan movie
Marisa Ventura (Jennifer Lopez) lets her son help her clock in on an Acroprint Model 150 for her hotel maid job.
Spotted by Time Masters, November 2010

Volkswagen Commercial

Acroprint Model 150 in Volkswagen commercial
Our Model 150 makes a cameo appearance at the beginning of the “Moonlighting” commercial for the Volkswagen Jetta.
Spotted by Catherine Winn, November 2010

iCarly (TV Show)

Acroprint green punch clock on iCarly TV show
And a whole new generation becomes acquainted with our classic green clocks!
Spotted by Michael Valchar, October 2010

Newsweek Magazine

Acroprint Model 150 time recorder
Found on page 16 in the September 20, 2010, issue.
Spotted by Louise Guyton, September 2010

Tin Cup (Movie)

Acroprint time recorder used as a prop in the movie Tin Cup
“...there is an Acroprint Time Recorder in the movie Tin Cup. It is in Roy 'Tin Cup' McAvoy's (Kevin Costner) office.”
Spotted by Brooke Edwards, June 2010

Sandy's Hot Dogs (Columbia, SC)

Acroprint Model 125 on counter of hot dog restaurant
At the St. Andrews location of Sandy's Hot Dogs, on the counter behind the cash register
Spotted by Diane Aull, May 2010

Clerks II (Movie)

screen shot from movie Clerks featuring Acroprint Model 125
“At Mooby's [a fast-food restaurant in the movie] there's a distinctive green punch clock visible.”
Spotted by Time Masters, May 2010

ESPN SportsCenter Commercial

Click here to watch a video of the commercial
Spotted by Amanda Robbins, December 2009


Found in The Economist. Look third from the right (in the “hundreds” place).
Spotted by Mihaela Mitran, May 2008

How I Met Your Mother (TV Show)

Can you find our Model 125 in this cluttered office?
Spotted by Amanda Robbins, April 2008

WifeSwap (TV Show)

“It showed a worker punching in on an Acroprint Model 150 at a grocery store to clock in. Then as the worker was talking the Model 150 was hanging on the wall in the background.”
Spotted by Catherine Winn, December 2004

Fortune Small Business magazine

Image appeared in print version only. Click here to read the article online.
Spotted by Catherine Winn, September 2004



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