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More Videos

Do you have questions about our products? Need a little extra assistance with setting up, using or maintaining your Acroprint software or clock? We offer a number of helpful informational and “how-to” videos:

timeQplus (v4+) Video Library

Need help setting up timeQplus FaceVerify? Curious about what’s included in the newest timeQplus bundles? Watch these videos to find the answers to your questions. [View Videos]


timeQplus v3 Video Library

Handy visual tutorials to help you install and configure the timeQplus v3 software and set up your Proximity or Biometric terminals. [View Videos]


Model 125 / Model 150 Video Library

Instructional videos showing you how to install a ribbon, set the time, set the day/date and more. [View Videos]


HandPunch Biometrics Video Library

What is biometrics? How does a hand reader work? Find answers to these questions and more in these videos. [View Videos]